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“I don’t need to exercise, because I eat healthily…”

Do you often have thoughts like this? Or have you been known to say something like this when someone questions your health? If so, you are engaging in Self-Licensing. Similar to that of Compensatory Health Beliefs, Self-Licensing is a mental tool we use when faced with a decision about certain behaviours. Except in this instance

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What are YOU Compensating for?

In this latest video I talk through Compensatory Health Beliefs, a topic I’ve covered in previous posts in the past. Compensatory Health Beliefs are common, and something you may hold yourself. In this video I break down these beliefs, and how they may be blocking you from achieving your health goals…


This is a call to all the lovely people who follow this website. I need your help! Since starting this project, I have tried to create content that will help add value to your life. To help you achieve the health goals you have, and to live your best life. My problem? I don’t know

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5 Quick Tips to Successfully be Healthier

So, you want to know how to gain good habits, engage in healthy behaviours, and live a healthier life? You’re in the right place! Let’s go over some of the things you need to do in order to achieve that… Tip 1. Challenge unhelpful thinking Before we even go into any actions, it is important

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