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How my Anxiety Limits Me

A reflection on my mental health journey so far…


Dealing with ‘Life Stuff’

We all have to deal with ‘life stuff’ at one point or another. Whether that is the big changes that come every few years or so, or the day-to-day running of things, ‘life stuff’ can be painful, distracting, and disruptive.  Even more so when they stop you from achieving important health goals. For those of

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Why just saying “I’m going to exercise more” doesn’t work

The majority of people who made resolutions in celebration of New Years have broken them by now. As much of an optimist I am, that is just a fact. While there are a number of factors that contribute to why this may be, for many it is because their resolutions are way too vague. What

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Reflection is the best medicine 😌

Sometimes you just have to stop, take a moment, and just be. In a world where we are so work driven, it is difficult to allow yourself to be present in the moment. There is always that project you need to get done, that deadline always nagging you at the back of your mind. The

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Living a plant-based diet 🥦

Since about late 2014, I have been slowly transitioning into living a plant-based diet. It started off being out of a need to find cheaper meals while being a 1st year student. I began cutting down to only chicken and fish, and having more meat replacement products. Then I was a full time pescatarian. Then

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