Over the years, I have been able to work with some amazing clients. Please see below their thoughts on our work together…

Jade (Client of 9 Months)

I sought out support from Andrew to react more rationally to challenging situations, and to improve my overall mood levels. At times I was concerned about what would happen if something really challenging/traumatic emerged, but Andrew was really professional about setting the limitations of his service, and advised more intense therapy if needed. By journalling and reflecting on my behaviour in the sessions I have recognised unhelpful patterns much more quickly. I feel more balanced!

Being able to switch off for 45 mins and reflect on the past couple of weeks has been the best thing. It’s invaluable to be able to do this when I’m so busy! If you want to learn some useful strategies and tools to improve yourself and your overall outlook (and you really owe it to yourself and others to do so), then Andrew is fantastic! 

Anonymous (Client of 3 Months)

I needed help with my eating habits, and discovered (through Drew’s help!) that this was tied to my emotions throughout the day. Over the weeks I had some concerns about whether I would actually be able to change, but Drew was very encouraging and supported me week-by-week. Very happy with the quality of service!

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