Regular Coaching Services

A subscription to my continuous general Health and Wellbeing Coaching services grants you…

  • A 45-minute video call per week (i.e. Skype) discussing the issues you want to bring, and going over progress since previous session
  • A follow-up summary email of the session, giving you instructions on what to work on before next time
  • A variety of helpful resources I will continue to send after and between sessions
  • A line of contact to stay in touch with me between our regular sessions

Subscriptions are based on a £15 per session rate. Please select one of the following subscription plans, based on the number of sessions you wish to receive per month:

Monthly Coaching (x1 Session per calendar month)

Fortnightly Coaching (x2 Sessions per calendar month)

Weekly Coaching (x4 Sessions per calendar month)

Before purchasing, please make sure you have checked my availability for the times and days of the week you are looking to receive coaching on!

If you wish to trial my services before committing to a subscription, individual session payments can be made on this page. For any issues surrounding the cancellation of subscriptions, or refunding specific charges, please get in contact via email.

Thank you for your business!