Individual Coaching Sessions

If you have been directed here in order to pay for the programme, please proceed to the bottom of the page…

This service is all about you. If you feel that you do not need a full programme in order to reach your health goals, or feel that the programmes don’t cover the area of health you need help in, this may be the better option for you.

Using my background in Psychology, the main aim of a session would be to help you break down your own psychology. By helping you process your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and desires, you will be able to get a clearer idea of what you need to do, and how you need to do it.

With this service you can book a single session with me, where I can help you work through your health goals, give some exclusive, individualised advice, and point you in the right direction. After our session, I hope that I leave you motivated, and better equipped to reach the outcomes you desire!

Topics I have experience in and can advise on…

  • Eating Healthier
  • Getting more Exercise
  • Creating a Healthier Environment
  • Managing Stress
  • Improving Sleep
  • And many more!

While this is not an extensive list, there are many areas of health I can support you on. If you would like to request a session on an area of health not listed above, please get in touch to discuss options with me.

Individual sessions are priced at £15 per session. A single payment is needed, and there are no extra charges. Please note that a session will not be officially booked until payment has been received. Refunds are not available for this service.

Please pay using the payment system below:

1 x Individual Health and Wellbeing Coaching Session

A single payment indicates purchase one Individual Coaching Session. This service includes a 45min video call + follow up email.


Thank you for your business!