I want to lose weight and feel good!

If you have been directed here in order to pay for the programme, please proceed to the bottom of the page…

The ‘I want to lose weight and feel good!‘ programme focuses on your desire to manage your weight better. The goal is to help you sustainably lose a healthy amount of weight, over the course of 8 weeks. Should you feel the desire to have more time working with me, further sessions can be booked later on.

In this programme I will help you to assess what barriers you are facing, and discuss with you ways to overcome them. On a week-by-week basis I can listen to your struggles, and help you work through the mental and emotional gymnastics that often come with weight management.

My services on this programme include…

  • One-to-one weekly coaching via Video Call
  • Food Diary Analysis
  • Follow Up Emails to Check on Progress
  • Tailored Health and Wellbeing Advice Exclusive to You

Together we will help you create a plan of action, which gives you a specific health goal to reach for. As the weeks progress, I will be using both my nutritional insights, and my training in health psychology, to keep you on course of achieving your health goal.

As my client you would be expected to…

  • Keep an accurate account of what and how much food you eat from day-to-day (i.e. a Food Diary)
  • Be honest with me and yourself about what it is you are struggling with most
  • Take on my advice and apply that to your daily living
  • Keep me updated in respect to any schedule changes that need to be made

If this programme sounds right for you, please get in touch, so that we can discuss how you can become one of my clients.

This course is priced at £40 per session. Over the 8-weeks this would total up to £320. You can pay for sessions on a week-by-week basis, or in chunks, depending on your preferences. However do keep in mind that sessions won’t be booked until a payment has been received. Your usual time slot may be given to another client, if sessions aren’t booked well in advance.

Please pay using the payment system below:

1 x ‘I want to lose weight and feel good!’ Session

A single payment indicates 1 week of services on this programme. This includes a 45min video call, follow-up email, food diary analysis, and tailored health and wellbeing advice. Add multiples of payment to pay for several weeks in advance.