About Me

Hi, I’m Drew. A psychological wellbeing practitioner passionate about helping others live a successful, healthy, and happy life!

From my teenage days battling with deep depression and anxiety, to the health conditions I have managed as an adult, I have overcome many struggles throughout my life. Though I have qualifications that give me the skills and knowledge to effectively support my clients, it is having overcome my own struggles that pushes me to help others do the same.

As a practitioner I tend to gravitate towards a few health factors; healthy eating and mental wellbeing practices mostly. However you will find by exploring the site, or working with me directly, that I take into account much more than this. By being mindful of how our physical health, mental wellbeing, and social connections interact, we can get a better sense of how to control and optimise our overall wellness.

Have a look around the blog and see if something sparks your interest. Think critically about what you see and hear in the world, especially when someone is telling you how to live your life. I hope you achieve the goals you set for yourself, and I hope I can help you to do so.

All the Best,
Andrew Keating, BSc. MSc. MBPsS


My Qualifications

BSc (Hons) Psychology & Counselling [2017]

Staffordshire University | 1st Class
A specialised Psychology bachelors, accredited by the British Psychology Society, that has trained me in therapeutic practice. With a focus on Person-Centered Therapy techniques, this course has helped me to support individuals ethically in a therapeutic capacity. This course has also provided an insight into general psychological theory, an introduction to a variety of behavioural interventions, and the causes & remedies of mental health difficulties.

MSc Health Psychology [2018]

Staffordshire University | Merit
A postgraduate qualification, also accredited by the British Psychological Society, that has given an advanced understanding in the psychology of health and wellbeing. Through this course I have an understanding of theoretical models of health behaviour, how these models are practically applied, and an understanding of how to develop and utilise health interventions. As such, this has prepared me to support a variety of individuals with various needs.


Diploma in Weight Management [2018]

Future Fit Ltd. | Pass
A pass/fail course equivalent to a Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity, I have been provided insight into the world of nutrition. Thanks to this course, I am able to effectively advise clients on their weight-management journey, specifically from a healthy eating perspective. I also apply this knowledge of nutrition when taking a holistic approach to health behaviour change.

Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring [2020]

Adams Academy | Distinction
A Level 4 qualification specialising in life coaching and mentoring skills. The course has provided accredited training in helping individuals set and reach life goals, to support them in their personal and professional development. The models and theories learned during this course influence my approach to coaching individuals, so that they can live a life with purpose.

For proof or more information about my qualifications, please reach out to me...