About Me

I see you are a curious one. I like that! Hi, I’m Andrew. The writer and owner of this website. As someone passionate about the health, happiness, and wellbeing of others, I welcome you to All Around Health.

When it comes to health, there are two things that I always gravitate towards; Nutrition and Psychology. I feel that the root to our holistic wellbeing is found in these two aspects. What we internalise, both literally and metaphorically, impacts all aspects of our daily living. Gaining control of that is the key to being happier and healthier. To date I have qualifications in both, which you can see further down on this page.

Though I may be in ownership of some expensive pieces of paper, something of equal importance is that I am an expert on my own personal experience. I have overcome physical and mental health difficulties. Likewise, you are an expert in your own personal experiences, of managing your own health and wellbeing. Though it is my qualifications that give me the skills and knowledge to focus my advice, it is having overcome my own struggles that spurs me to help others do the same. I hope that the content on this site may help to do just that.

My goal? In the future I hope to have my own practice. A place where people can come to resolve a number of health issues. Alongside me, a team of diverse specialists to aid our clients. This blog is but a stepping stone to that reality. Though I would encourage anyone with serious physical or mental health issues to seek out professional advice, if this blog is the nudge for you to go do that, then it has done it’s job.

Have a look around the blog and see if something sparks your interest. Think critically about what you see and hear in the world, including on this site, especially when someone is telling you how to live your life. I hope you achieve the goals you set for yourself, and I hope I can help you to do that.

Andrew Keating, BSc. MSc. MBPsS

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My Qualifications

Below you can find a list of my credentials, with a brief description of the course contents

BSc (Hons) Psychology & Counselling | Awarded in 2017
This specialised Psychology bachelors, accredited by the British Psychology Society, trained me in therapeutic practice. With a focus on Person-Centered Therapy techniques, I gained a deep insight into mental health, and how to support others to look after theirs.

MSc Health Psychology | Awarded in 2018
A postgraduate qualification, I have an advanced understanding of the psychology of health and wellbeing. Course content included main theoretical models of health behaviour, an understanding of developing and utilising health interventions, and how to support different demographics within different healthcare settings.

Diploma in Weight Management | Awarded in 2018
Equivalent to a Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity, this course has provided insight into the world of nutrition. Thanks to this course, I can advise clients on their weight-management journey, specifically from a healthy eating perspective.