Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

As of the start of this week, I have begun working and training as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. A role that has only been known to me for the past few years, but, ever since finding out about it, I knew was the right path for me.

But what is a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP)? And, more importantly, what do they do?

In the UK, a PWP is someone within the clinical/psychological field who works with people experiencing low-level mental health difficulties. According to the NHS, they are trained individuals who “assess and support people with common mental health problems – principally anxiety disorders and depression – in the self-management of their recovery“. They work similarly to that of a counsellor, working very much in a therapeutic capacity, focusing their efforts on empowering people to make change within themselves.

However, compared to a typical therapist, they work more closely within the local community. You may find a PWP in your local GP practice, or supporting someone searching for work. More often than not you will find them within your local IAPT service (Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies), where you can book one-on-one appointments, or be part of group therapies.

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The work is challenging, especially with the rise in mental health difficulties over recent years. Not to mention the mental health pressure that this pandemic has put a lot of people under. But, as the NHS website advertises, the role is invaluable to those who need the support. Something I have been looking to get into for quite some time…

So why am I writing this blog post?

Well, I have found that sharing experiences with others is a valuable practice for all parties involved. My goal is to document my experience, specifically over this 1 year of work-place and university training, so that future PWP trainees know what to expect. Or to hopefully inspire a new wave of psychology graduates, looking to find their path.

I also want to have some kind of outlet to share the highs and lows of diving into the Psychological Wellbeing world. Of course I am not completely inexperienced, having coached people to manage their stress, and having reached a certain level of education, but this is still a big leap for me. By sharing what it’s like to be a PWP, I hope to see my own personal growth, and maybe connect with others who have been through similar experiences themselves.

So, if you are at all curious about the journey I am just embarking on, maybe stick around? You can follow me on the Facebook Page, or subscribe to the blog directly by hitting the button below:

Wish me luck!

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