4 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy during Quarantine

This one goes out to all the people who are not used to being at home all day everyday (a.k.a. most people in the working world). It’s difficult to adjust, however there are some easy ways to keep yourself sane, fit, and in a better mood while we all make it through this pandemic:

1. Dress for Success! (Just a little more comfier than usual)…

When we get ready to go to work in the morning, there is typically a uniform or certain attire that we put on before we leave the house. So of course now that we don’t have to, it’s so easy to just stay in our PJs all day. Hey, it saves on the washing!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

But as much as the memes have made me laugh, sometimes simply changing from your ‘day pyjamas’ into your ‘night pyjamas’ throughout the day is not helping you to stay on track with looking after yourself properly.

Don’t dress up completely if you don’t need to, but having a clear distinction between your sleep attire and the clothes you wear throughout the day helps your mind to focus and stay on track, creating clearer distinctions on what you should be doing at any given moment. Not to mention, it’ll help your brain keep that association between your nightwear and sleep, making sleeping a lot easier!

2. Remember to stay hydrated…

Just a reminder that you probably should be drinking more water! If you struggle with this, there is a pretty funny account on Twitter dedicated to just this. Check it out below:

3. Separate workspace from living/sleeping space…

On a similar vein to the first point, if you are working from home you may have found yourself in a weird mental space where your days have blurred into what feels like a never ending working cycle. Understandably that can be quite stressful and emotionally draining. Not to mention it makes you feel like you have less time to relax, sleep, and look after yourself properly.

To remedy this we can make a clear distinction of where and when we work, and where and when we clock off. Find a space in your home that you know you can be productive, even if it’s just a small desk space rather than a whole room. Make a point of only working in that space, and then allow yourself to take breaks away from it.

Not only should this hopefully help with your productivity, but will also give you that mental break to decompress at the end of each day.

4. Schedule in Movement…

What do I mean by ‘movement’? Literally anything. For a lot of us we live quite a sedentary lifestyle anyway, and now that we don’t have our commute to work, it is easy to slip into lacking any kind of physical activity altogether.

Please make a point of doing some kind of movement in the day. Whether that’s going for a morning run instead of going to the gym. Having a walk around the block instead of commuting to work. Or if you have to stay inside, doing a workout class from a YouTube video perhaps. At the very least, doing some kind of stretches and light cardio (e.g. some housework/gardening) will keep you from jeopardising your health, and making you even more at risk of succumbing to the virus.

Got anymore tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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