Social Connections during Social Isolation

In my personal life, I have a tendency to isolate myself. To retreat into my head rather than to reach out. Part of that has to do with how I was raised, but even now as an adult I find it much easier to distance myself. Of course, it doesn’t help that I am self-employed and work from home, though that has meant not much has changed for me during this time of social distancing…

However, it has been a pleasant surprise to see the amount of people reaching out to me. Or just to each other. A sense of community has been born out of this pandemic that I never thought I would see. If anything, I have felt more connected to friends and family in a long time.

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It is no surprise though that in a time of crisis, people come together in solidarity. When there is a threat to us all, we know the best thing to do is to face the threat as a unit. To take personal responsibility of our own actions in order to protect others. To support one another (at a distance) as best we can.

Seeing all the people come out to clap for our NHS every Thursday evening has made me take stock of what it means to have pride in our communities, and in our nation. I won’t lie. There is a lot I find our country seriously needs to address, and a lot that our current government is ignoring in terms of the issues many people face. But to see strangers, neighbours, come together for a moment of celebration? How can you not be proud of that.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to treat this situation we are all in as an opportunity as much as it is a problem. Yes we may be stuck inside more, or unable to see our friends or loved ones in person, but there is a lot we still can do. For once, it may be time for us to use more of social media! Who would have thunk!

Reach out to those around you. Come together in this time of need so that we can all get by a little easier.

Stay safe, stay at home if you can, and good luck out there!

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