Take a Mindful Break with Me!

With everything going on the world right now, we are all under a lot of stress. The physical stress on the body as we do our best to stay healthy, and the mental stress in adjusting to this new way of life. There is a lot out of our control at the moment, and that is scary. However, we can take control of how we think, and how we approach this situation. I think we could all do with a bit of calm right about now!

Starting this week, I will be live-streaming short, guided mindfulness meditations on the All Around Health YouTube channel. In these sessions I will be going taking us through a simple mindfulness practice that can help us to relax, but with the intention to simply be present and focus ourselves on the here and now.

You don’t have to have done any meditations in the past to make use of the livestreams. The sessions will be beginner friendly, making sure that anyone new to mindfulness will be able to follow along and take part like anyone else. The livestreams will only be about half an hour long, to account for a short 15-20 minute session.

Updates on these livestreams can be found on the Mindfulness Livestreams page on the website, which can be found in the menu. The first session will be held at:

Thursday 26th March, 14:00-14:30 GMT

Regular updates will be posted on the site, which will be found on the following webpage…

For more information about mindfulness, please check out the following posts…

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