What are your plans for International Day of Happiness?

Today marks International Happiness Day which, in light of everything happening in the world right now, is a little bit ‘off mood’. How can one be possibly happy in amongst the panic-buying, self-isolation, and the anxiety of potentially catching COVID-19?

Action for Happiness is an organisation that I have recently become reacquainted with. Their mission , guided by their patron the Dalai Lama, is to bring about more happiness in the world where…

“people care less about what they can get just for themselves and more about the happiness of others… Members of the movement make a simple pledge: to try to create more happiness in the world around them.”

Action for Happiness (2020) About Us: https://www.actionforhappiness.org/about-us

I have recently joined their movement, and in these trying times they have shared some advice with me that I wish to share with you:

Keep Calm

“There are lots of things outside our control. Let’s remember to breathe and focus on what really matters so we can respond constructively”.

While the corona virus is something that we as individuals cannot hope to control, this does not mean we have to let the fear of the virus take control of our mental wellbeing. It is important to recognise in life, whether there’s a pandemic or otherwise, that there are some things that we simply cannot control. And that’s ok!

Take some time today to simply take a break, breathe, and reflect on what is important in your life right now. Maybe that comes in the form of a mindfulness meditation. Or maybe you just make yourself a nice cup of tea and take 10 minutes to sit alone with your thoughts. Being happier can be as simple as that.

Stay Wise

“Making wise choices helps everyone. Let’s choose positive actions that support our wellbeing and help others to do the same.”

To be happier we must take actions that cultivate that happiness. Not only for ourselves, but also for those around us. That doesn’t mean stock piling as many bags of rice and toilet rolls you can find!

Practice social distancing to make sure you protect those in your community, but also stay in touch where possible. Feelings of isolation are a killer for many already struggling with mental health difficulties, so reached out to loved ones who may be going through a particularly hard time at the moment.

Be Kind

“We’re all in this together, even when we’re forced apart. Let’s stay connected and reach out to help others who may be in need.”

Reiterating my point above, it’s important to communicate, and stay connected with others during this time. We may not be able to be physically present with the people we care about, but in this technological age there are plenty of alternatives. Give someone a call. Have a video chat. Connect through social media. Enjoy an online video game together.

But while we are at home, practice more kindness to those you share your living space with. Make more effort into fostering a positive connection with those other people, even if the close quarters are starting to drive you up the wall! We have to have each other’s backs if we are to get through the next couple of months.

Do you have any advice to share? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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