What do I do when I don’t have time to meditate?

If you are asking that question, I suppose my first counter-question would be: How do you define meditation?

When thinking about meditation, do you first think of someone sitting cross legged, surrounded by candles and incense, humming continuously for hours on end. If so, I have some news for you… That isn’t meditation! Or at least, that isn’t exclusively what meditation is.

There are different practices, from different cultures and religions, that all fall within the remit of meditation. Meditation can be as light or as deep as you want it to be. But the practice of meditation is a fairly simple one, that anyone can adopt at any time…

I talk a lot about Mindfulness on this website because a) It’s the practice I know most about, and b) I have found it the most useful when helping others and myself. And with mindfulness meditations, the key is to simply focus on the present moment. That’s it. You can do so by focusing on the breath, or the physical sensations happening around you, but just simply focusing on the here and now.

Other meditations are combined with prayers, while others ask of you to focus on a particular object, relationship, goal etc., that you want to manifest. In essence, meditation is the ability to intentionally focus your mind, to improve your mental wellbeing.

Everyone has the time to meditate. You may not feel you do, especially if you always feel like you’re working or busy doing something or other, but you can meditate anytime, anywhere. You just have to take that moment where you can to focus, breathe, and practice.

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