How to Eat Mindfully

If you haven’t taken a guess already, I am really into Mindfulness.

There is something so fascinating about the simplicity of focusing on the here and now, on the breath, and the amazing results it can bring to our health and wellbeing.

But mindfulness is not just being in what we would normally think of as a meditative state. Sure we can close our eyes and sit around ‘doing nothing’, but mindfulness can be a tool used to enhance behaviours we already engage with. One of those being our eating behaviour.

Mindful eating practices are not anything new. In fact there are several books out there about mindful or intentional eating, which you may want to look out for if this is something you are wanting to practice.

In essence, mindful eating is a way of reconnecting with our food and bodies by focusing on the present moment, and on the sensations we are experiencing while eating. It sounds simple enough, but when you make it your intention to do so, you realise how little you pay attention to the food you’re eating.

To practice it yourself, when you are about to have a meal, first take a moment to just bring your mind to the present moment, which can be done by taking a few breaths. Then when eating, try to remove yourself from thoughts about what you still have to do, or things you have done. Instead focus on the here and now.

When doing the act of eating, take time actively use all your senses. How does the food look? How does it feel in your mouth? What can you taste? Hopefully all of these things will be really enjoyable!

For me mindful eating is about giving more appreciation for the meals in front of us. To make a point of taking time from our busy lives to sit, breathe, and enjoy the pleasures that food can bring. It’s very easy for us to always be on-the-go, and only consuming for the sake of refueling. But by fostering a deeper connection with food, we can improve our lives in more ways than one.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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