Why should your health behaviours be planned for the morning?

Are you a night-owl or an early bird? Maybe a constantly exhausted pigeon? Regardless, one of the best things you can do is planing to do behaviours that support your health goals, and to do them first thing in the morning. Or at the very least, when you first wake up.

But why? Of course, we all have our own daily routines, dictated by a number of factors. But one thing we all share is the need to make decisions constantly throughout our day. Here is where the issue lies…

Decision-making fatigue is a common phenomenon that has been studied by many researchers. Within the world of cognitive psychology, many theories have been proposed on decision-making. About how we come to make our decisions, and what our main influences are. But one thing many researchers agree on is that decision-making fatigue is real, and that it’s very unhelpful!

Simply put, decision-making fatigue is a state of being where we have made too many decisions throughout the day, and are more easily influenced by outside sources, typically leading to poorer decisions being made.

So how does this effect our health and wellbeing? Well it would make sense to think that as our day progresses, we are less and less likely to make healthier decisions. Therefore, if we plan to engage in positive health behaviours first thing in the morning, we are avoiding the potential to not follow-through, if we leave it till later.

I for one make a point of working out first thing in the morning. I make it even easier for myself by having my gym gear ready and nearby the night before, so that going to the gym is as easy as getting dressed, grabbing my water bottle, and heading out the door.

But what do you think? Would making your healthiest decisions in the morning be helpful? How do you deal with decision-fatigue? Let me know in the comments below?

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