Why is it Important to stay Adaptable?

Ready for some truth-telling? A change in your schedule should not be a pass to give up on a health goal. There, I said it!

Of course, this is easier said than done. We often live very busy lives, always with something else we ‘should’ be doing. Something else that grabs our attention, often times leading to the neglect of our own health and wellbeing.

When we’ve been able to slot in some time to go for that jog around the park, or to meal-prep a load of healthy meals for the week, it can feel like quite the triumph! But then something happens, and we have to reorganise our schedule…

In those moments, it feels very easy to give up. To just let things slide. But I implore you to find a way to work around it! There was a reason you started engaging in certain health behaviours, and you should not give up on that.

I know how difficult it can be, and truth-be-told I am struggling a bit myself. My gym routine has changed so many times over the past few years, that I sometimes don’t know what the plan is anymore. I’ve gone from going just before lunch, to before the sun wakes up, to late afternoon, to just before going to work.

Now I’m back to going at around 11am, but having had a recent change means that I haven’t been going as often as I think I should. I’m now having to source the motivation from a different place, as now I don’t go at the same time as my partner.

The solution? I reason with myself differently to fulfil my goal. Instead of saying to myself “Let’s go to the gym, because so and so is going”, I say “Let’s go to the gym to give you a break from work”. Different reasoning, same output. In this way I am able to stay adaptable, in both my schedule and my thinking. This way, I do not give up!

What do you think? Have you struggled to maintain health goals when experiencing a schedule change? How do you cope with life changes? Let me know in the comments below!

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