I struggle to be healthy sometimes

You would think as someone advertising themselves as a Health and Wellbeing Coach, that they would be at peak physical condition at all times. Let me tell you that that is certainly not the case…

Even though I would consider myself to be very knowledgeable within the realm of health and wellbeing, much like everyone else, I sometimes struggle to live the healthiest and happiest life possible. That’s the dumb human side of me that we all share. Hello fellow dumb human!

In fact, I don’t think there is anyone on this planet who can truly achieve perfect health and wellbeing. We all have some struggles to contend with, and these ultimately impact us. Many of us contend with long-term conditions, whether they are physical or mental. Whatever it is, no one is perfect. But that’s ok.

It may make me a hypocrite to admit this. As someone who wants to support your health and wellbeing, you want to know that you are in good hands. But let me tell you, I have no shame in admitting my own faults. I also don’t think anyone should shame you for your own.

Our shared understanding of pain, suffering, and the struggle to be better is something that should be acknowledged. None of us are perfect, and I hope that admitting to my own issues can help you to deal with your own.

If you are struggling to reach your health goals, please seek support from either myself, or someone else also trained to give you the right guidance. If you are struggling with mental health difficulties, please reach out to people close to you, and look for therapy services you can access. We are all in this together 💚

What do you think? Do you feel uncomfortable talking about your own health issues? Would you want to be coached by someone who has also gone through the same thing? Let me know in the comments below!

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