Vulnerability is a Strength!

Last night I had a very intimate conversation with someone about their weight. It was clearly very uncomfortable for them, and most of the time I could do nothing but listen. I am so proud of them.

When we talk about health, it’s very easy to picture the superficial things. Instagram models doing super-flexible yoga positions, over their aesthetically pleasing smoothie bowls. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but that’s not often the experience for most people.

Health is weird. Health is sometimes embarrassing. Often times health, as a talking point, is uncomfortable and revealing of a person. So when we speak about our own health, it is a very vulnerable act to do.

As vulnerable as it is, it is still something that is necessary. If you have a health issue that is kind of embarrassing, believe me when I say that you are certainly not alone. I would find it very unlikely that your GP, health coach, community nurse, etc., have not heard or seen something just like that before. Heck, they may have even experienced it themselves!

I know in my case I have had a litany of health issues over the years. From skin diseases, to mental health issues, to weight problems. Especially through my teens and young adulthood, as one health issue had been overcame, it felt like two more would sprout up!

But the only way I have been able to deal with those issues was by being vulnerable. By having hard conversations with my friends, family, teachers, and of course health professionals, in order to get the help I needed. There is no shame in asking for help, and I wish more people would do so.

What do you think? Is health an uncomfortable topic to talk about? How do you manage your own health issues, and who do you talk to about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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