How I start my mornings to be healthy and productive

I think one of the most important things to master is a good routine. Sure there are people who somehow thrive in chaos. But, those people are few and far between. I am definitely not one of them, that’s for certain!

First of all I make a point of having my tech either out of the room, or far away from my bed. Blue light is notoriously bad for keeping you awake at night, and so I try to avoid bringing them into where I sleep. My phone has my 7am alarm on it, but I make sure to put it on the opposite side of my bedroom, so that I have to get up in order to turn it off. This was one of those behaviour changes that really helped kickstart a lot of positive changes in my life.

After actually leaving my bed, me and my partner head to our nearby gym to get an early morning work out. Typically we go on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, but you know damn well there are days when you wake up and it’s just not happening! I try to overcome those mornings most of the time, but sometimes a little bit of a lie in is a higher priority.

Usually we are in the gym for about half an hour, but sometimes I’m really feeling it and can go for an hour. Luckily I have a very flexible schedule, so I can do that if I feel like it. If you don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to do this, know that you can always work around whatever schedule you have, to fit some exercise in at any point of your day.

After the gym we head back home, where I grab a quick breakfast and immediately start working. My go to is a couple of Weetabix, a spoonful of chia seeds, and a handful of raisins and walnuts, topped with almond milk. A combination of fats, slow-releasing carbs, and plant-based protein sources. A good breakfast is key to keeping your blood sugar at a steady level, so you don’t crash and become insanely hungry throughout the day.

I only work for an hour or so to begin with, before I jump into the shower. Grooming is an overlooked health behaviour that is important to looking after yourself. Sure for the pure vanity of it, to help boost your self-esteem, but a lot of grooming habits allow you to connect with your body. It can also act as a preventative measure to finding abnormalities. Please speak to your GP if you find any unusual lumps or bumps.

Once out of the shower, dressed, and ready to start my day, I go around and do a quick tidy up of my space. As I work from home, it’s important for me to look after the apartment, so that I can work in an environment that doesn’t stress me out. I also take this time to water my plants, who I am proud to say are still growing strong since my last post about them!

At this point it’s a little after 9am, and I get on with my working day. It seems like I do a lot, but when you actually get into the flow of things, it doesn’t seem to take all that much time and effort. As I said, the most important thing I first changed was having the thing that woke me up on the other side of my room. From there, everything else just kinda clicked.

What do you think? How does your morning routine compare? Do you have any tips to share with anyone looking to have a better morning? Let us all know in the comments below!

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