Why should we strive to be healthy?

All too often we are surrounded by messages that we should be healthier. That we should join that gym. That we should start that diet. That we should look after ourselves better. Very rarely do we think about why we should be healthier in the first place.

It seems like a no brainer. Obvious answers come to mind, like by being healthy it means we get to live longer. But living longer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re living better. I mean, why give up on certain pleasures in life, just to get a few extra years?

To me, I think there is something very pro social about striving to be a healthier person. Often times the behaviours we act out, to be healthier, have some form of interaction with another person anyway. But it is more than that. By trying to be a better version of yourself, you are saying to those in your life ‘I respect myself enough to want to be better, and I respect you enough to want to be around for as long as possible’.

Though there are a multitude of circumstances and reasons why a lot of us struggle to be healthier, I think on a deeper level we struggle to have purpose in our lives. Whats the point in being healthy and living longer if you don’t have a purpose?

If nothing else, make the other people in your life your purpose.

For parents I imagine this is something already ingrained in their mindset. But in any case, we can all do much more for our fellow person. By finding purpose in helping others, or doing something to better humanity as a whole, your perspective on yourself and others changes for the better. Being healthy is being altruistic. Or at least in my experience anyway.

I look after myself because I have people in my life to look out for. Sure I also do it to look after myself, but by doing so it gives me the ability to help those in my personal life, and to also work on projects like All Around Health. If I didn’t look after myself, I might never have gotten over my depression, gone to university, and learned the things that I have that I hope to pass on to you.

If you struggle to achieve your health goals, and feel unmotivated, maybe consider this. Even if you’ve internalised negative messages about yourself, and feel like you are not worth looking after, do it for others. If you feel like you don’t have anyone, do it for the people you hope to meet in your life. The family that you build for yourself.

What do you think? Why should we strive to be healthier? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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