Getting serious about this project…

I have owned this domain for over a year now. Like most projects I start, this website began with hopes and aspirations, which quickly turned to no motivation. One of my faults, as I imagine a lot of people share, is that I love to start projects… I just don’t necessarily finish them. Or rather, in this case, maintain them.

My hopes with this online space was to share stories, and to disseminate findings from research. All in the hopes to give advice within the realm of health and wellbeing. While I think I have achieved that to some extent, the lack of stick-to-it-ness has impeded on my goals. Now that Spring has sprung, I think giving this platform some new life is just what we need here at All Around Health.

Starting from this week, I will be leaping into the world of YouTube. I have been an avid consumer of YouTube videos since I was a teenager, which I continue to do so now. While my taste in YouTubers has definitely changed over the years, I am always drawn back to it. I think now is the time that I go from consumer, to producer…

Please see below my first ever YouTube video for All Around Health:

I hope that we can connect in a new and fun way! Let me know in the comments below what topics I should cover in future videos. Here’s to a new chapter for All Around Health!

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