Living consciously for the benefit of all

It should come to no surprise that living a healthy life is important to me, and to many others. But little do people talk about how that translates into living a conscientious life.

You can find many blogs and websites on the internet that give you tips and tricks on how to live better. For example, a friend of mine has a blog and recently posted about simple changes you can make to be ‘greener’. We are all aware of the dangers of global warming, and it is great to see more people making changes to counteract it.


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However, changes like this are not just going to benefit society as a whole. Rather, they will be giving you personal fulfilment also. By adopting behaviours that align with your thoughts and long-held values, you are going to have a greater sense of autonomy, which can only spur you on to live healthier and happier. I myself have applied the life-approach of Minimalism to my daily living, and have made conscious effort to reduce my own consumerism, while removing objects from my life that only slow me down in my productivity and happiness.

Not to mention that by making changes to be greener, closer to nature, or more conservative in our spending and consuming, you are bound to be engaging in things that boost your health. To be clear, not all natural things are good for you, and not all artificial things are bad for you. However, there are going to be obvious benefits of reducing the amount of chemicals, plastics, and greenhouse-gas producing things we use in our daily living.

Photo Credit: Ciaran Houghton-Barcoe (@ciaran_h_b)

My advice? Really reflect on the things you believe in, and what you are doing in this current moment that aligns with those beliefs. Do you find value in helping people? Maybe make some time in your schedule to volunteer for a local charity. Do you believe that we throw away too much rubbish as a society? Maybe investigate the Zero Waste movement, and take steps to reduce you and your families rubbish production. Do you feel there are too many injustices in the world? Maybe get involved with local politics to see if you can create change.

No matter what you decide to do, these prosocial things will help you become a better person, and live a healthier life. As we know, health is a combination of physical, mental, and social factors, and by engaging in behaviours that serve to help those around you, you will feel the benefits yourself. A little bit of effort can go a long way.

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