Why am I receiving Nutritional Training?

From the earliest time I can remember, I have always been obsessed with food. Granted, in the early days it was more so about ‘helping’ my Mum or Nan with whatever they were baking (i.e. licking the wooden spoon when they were done). Now however, my love of food has been a driving force in my academic career, and has been a massive influence in my research projects.

Now that I have recently completed my Masters degree, I have had a little time on my hands, in-between searching for jobs and preparing to move out. Being the pragmatic person I am, I have undertaken a Nutrition and Weight Management Diploma, accredited by the Association for Nutrition. My learning up until this point has mostly been psychology-based, and while I have no expectations to become a fully qualified nutritionist, by the end of this online course, having some knowledge in this area is beneficial for everyone.

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But why am I doing this? Surely I do not need to do anymore training? To be honest, I am not entirely sure these days about what employers are looking for. Yes I have qualifications that not many people have, but I also lack years worth of job experience that employers tend to grasp to. Though I have a lot of voluntary experience, as someone starting out in the job market, things look bleak.

At this point though, I feel that doing this course is less so about boosting my resume for job applications, and more so about a personal gain. It is true that I went into this thinking how useful it would be, if I were to register myself as a sole trader, and become a private health coach. However, at this present moment it is fulfilling a need to constantly be learning. A need to understand more about the human experience, and it is helping me to meld together psychology and physiology, so as to understand how to help people holistically.

For the average person I would even recommend checking out some online courses yourself. Not everyone needs to train to become an accredited nutritionist/nutritional advisor, but knowing more about how your diet affects your body could help you, to manage health issues you are currently facing.

(My course is run by Future Fit Training, or check out the AfN website for other accredited courses)

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