Better sleep = Better health

In a working culture where taking regular breaks seems like a taboo, and bragging rights are gained by how many hours straight someone worked, it is no surprise that sleeping is often times seen as a waste of time. Who can sleep when you’ve got so many other things you could be doing?

It should go without saying, but we need good regular sleep to function properly. While there may appear to be something admirable about sacrificing your sleeping time for greater productivity, this is not sustainable. In the long run you are doing more damage to your body.

Lower quality sleep and getting less of it on a regular basis has been associated with a number of health risks, including the greater likelihood of developing diabetes, and a myriad of cardiovascular diseases. When sleeping, the body is also repairing and regulating itself much more efficiently, and so obviously less of these benefits are going to be felt when you’re spending more hours of the day awake. One of those benefits being better metabolism regulation, which can help you maintain your weight.

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But what can you do to improve your sleep? Well first of all you need to recognise the importance of sleep, and put effort into making positive change in your life. Hopefully reading this post may have sparked something like that in you already.

There are a variety of different techniques that people use to get to sleep easier, including herbal remedies like camomile tea, or using lavender-based products in the bedroom. While these may have it’s benefits, I think the greatest help is to get yourself into a proper night-time routine. Most of the people I talk to who struggle with their sleep tend to also not have a routine, or engage in behaviours that prepare the body for ‘sleep mode’.

For me I try to make a point of avoiding screens for the last half an hour before bed, as the blue light in the screen can trigger chemicals in the brain to keep you awake. I also try to do some skin care, and to do a bit of light reading. It is also beneficial to dim the lights in your environment, to emulate the setting sun, cueing your brain that it’s nearly time to sleep.

There are many more things to take into consideration, but these are just a few tips to help you get a goods night rest. Good night! zzZZ


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