The Power of Cooking πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

We all eat food. Not all of us know how to prepare it however. In my mind, that is a bit of an issue…

There are many factors as to why an individual may not know how to cook. Possibly a general lack of interest, or more worrying, they were not given the proper education and resources to learn. For those in the latter category, a basic cookery course found in your local community centre may just be the ticket to living a healthier life.

For those that are confident in preparing food, but chose not to, I urge you to reflect on this. Sure, time constraints and busy schedules may make it seem unnecessary to go to the effort, when a few clicks can lead to a takeaway straight to your door. But what are the costs of that habit? Certainly on your bank balance, but on your overall health?

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By regularly preparing your own meals you get multiple benefits. Meals tend to be cheaper (especially compared to eating out), and because you are in control of what goes into the food, is likely to have less salt, sugar, and other additives. I also find it helps me to appreciate food more, and has helped me question my eating habits and make better food choices.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, being in the kitchen and whipping up a meal for myself or loved ones is heaven. But like you, I am only human, and I will admit there are some days I feel I really cannot be bothered. For that reason, I try to batch cook whenever possible, or at least prepare enough food in the evening so I know I have lunch sorted the next day.

If you’re in search for where to start to live healthier, I would definitely recommend beginning with preparing your own meals whenever possible. Empower yourself with the power of cooking!

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