Living a plant-based diet 🥦

Since about late 2014, I have been slowly transitioning into living a plant-based diet.

It started off being out of a need to find cheaper meals while being a 1st year student. I began cutting down to only chicken and fish, and having more meat replacement products. Then I was a full time pescatarian. Then I cut out meat all together. Now I avoid dairy too, which has done my skin a world of good!

Of course, there was some back and forth going on. For a period of time I would be fully vegetarian, and then suddenly get the craving for a juicy chicken burger, or some fish and chips. When I had those cravings, I would often treat myself. Now I very rarely have cravings at all, and when I do, I tend to not give in to them.

However, this is not a post shaming those who do not follow a plant-based diet. While I am more than happy to talk to anyone about the benefits of cutting down meat consumption, and upping the veggies, it should be a personal choice and not something you feel forced to do.

Tesco just recently shared their brand new vegan range, and I could not be happier. One of, if not the only difficulty with being vegetarian/vegan is the lack of convenience. Vegetarian food has been on the rise, but you can be hard pressed to find convenient, 100% plant-based food. Now my main source of groceries seems to be helping me out.

I wish more supermarkets and food-based companies would make an effort like this, to provide more options, and make things easier for those considering a plant-based diet. If you are considering cutting down on meat, look around for some tasty meat-replacement products you can use instead (I’m a big fan of Quorn), or take part in #MeatFreeMonday. Take small steps, and have fun with it!


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